A lawsuit is the last thing you want to be faced with when you are dealing with issues of debt. Unfortunately, a creditor retains the right to sue you for unpaid debts as a last attempt to collect. Typically, should a creditor or lender choose to sue, they will wait until at least 180 days have passed without a minimum payment.

At this point in time, they may also hire a credit card debt collector to pursue your debt, who may also choose to sue you. If they have sold your debt to a third party debt collection agency, this company may choose to come after you as well in the form of a law suit. It is important to speak with a credit card lawsuit defense attorney at this time.

Why Can I be Sued over Credit Card Debt?

It seems harsh to be sued over credit card debt, but when you sign the Terms and Conditions these terms require you to make timely payments. Falling behind or stopping payments violates that agreement. Credit card companies may resort to lawsuits in a last-ditch effort to collect what you owe.

If you have fallen significantly behind on your credit card payments, you may one day receive a summons, or you may currently be involved in litigation. At this time it is important not to panic. You should also not go above and beyond trying to appease the credit card company. It is in your best interests to consult with an Illinois credit card debt litigation lawyer who will protect your rights and work to resolve your debts in a manner that is fair to all involved.

As an American consumer, you have rights to protect you against the annoying and sometimes predatory behavior a creditor, the debt collector, or their lawyer may engage in to collect your debt. With the help of an experienced debt litigation attorney, you can build a comprehensive strategy to defend your case and put these calls and other persistent communications behind you. At Benveniste Law Offices, our compassionate attorneys have years of experience upholding debtors’ rights in court. Together, we can work toward rehabilitating your financial state and get you free of debt!

For a free consultation with a knowledgeable credit card lawsuit defense and litigation attorney, call Benveniste Law Offices at 1-800-497-5358 or contact us to explore your legal options during this time. You will not pay a dime until you can reach a fair negotiation!