Eric M. Benveniste

Eric M. Benveniste is a 2004 graduate of Northern Illinois College of Law and a member of the Illinois Bar since 2004. Eric started his career as a collection attorney for a large plaintiff's collection law firm. He then represented many debt-buyers and learned the ways of that industry to now advise his clients. Eric focuses his practice on credit card litigation defense, pleading and motion work, and trial practice. Eric has gained praise from hundreds of clients throughout Illinois for his excellent work in defeating their credit card lawsuits.

Heather Weis Benveniste

Heather Weis Benveniste is a 2003 graduate of the John Marshall Law School and a member of the Illinois bar since November 2003. For the first seven years of her career, Heather worked as a collection attorney in the Debt Buying industry. She now uses her first hand knowledge of that industry to defend people who are sued for credit card lawsuits. For the past three years she has had tremendous success defeating, settling, and resolving credit card cases and serving the consumer community. She focuses her practice on Judgment satisfactions and debt-defense litigation. Heather has been complimented on her ability to explain things to clients with ease and make them feel calm and informed during the litigation process.

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