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In today’s economic climate, it isn’t uncommon for debt to get out of control. In fact, the average household is five figures deep in credit card debt. If you think that filing for bankruptcy is your only option when you fall behind on your bills, when your debt has gone to collections, or when you are being sued by a creditor or debt collection agency, know that there is a viable alternative to further damaging your credit score. As a former debt collection attorney for several years, lead attorneys Eric Benveniste and Heather Benveniste uses their previous experience to save consumers like you thousands of dollars on their debt settlements. Allow Heather to help you pursue a debt-free life!


Working with an experienced debt settlement attorney can help you in several ways. Most importantly, an attorney can help you:

  • Maintain your credit score
  • Avoid bankruptcy
  • Negotiate with creditors and debt buyers
  • Resolve debt quickly!

With the help of an Illinois debt settlement attorney, you can get rid of outstanding debt so that you may move ahead with better credit. Benveniste Law Offices helps consumers who are in debt negotiate with creditors and debt collection agencies so that they may pay off their debts quickly, without filing for bankruptcy. We are the non-bankruptcy attorneys of Illinois and are known for doing all we can to help consumers like you avoid this monumental blow to your credit history.

Our attorneys strive to help you receive a fair deal from creditors and debt buyers, who stand to make a profit from your debt. We also staunchly defend debtors who have been sued by their creditors. If you have a second mortgage or non-consumer commercial debt, our services can provide substantial benefits for you too!

Allow Benveniste Law Offices to be your source of support when tackling your debt and improve your credit score today!