Americans today are in more debt than ever before in history. Debt quickly piles up, leading to unpaid bills, damaged credit, and lost hope. Not being able to make timely payments in full drives the snowball effect of debt that affects millions of consumers. Credit card debt in particular has reached all-time highs: the average American holds over $16,000 of credit card debt alone!

If you are currently in debt, or have had your debt move to collections, you may be unsure of how to best find relief. You may have even considered filing for bankruptcy to start anew. While this option may seem like your last hope, it isn’t. Through the help of a Wheaton debt relief attorney, you can pay off your remaining debts without further damage to your credit score.

How a Debt Settlement Lawyer Can Help

Benveniste Law Offices works closely with individuals who have chosen to stand up to their debt. Whether your debt is preventing you from buying a home, or you are receiving collection calls around the clock, our attorneys can help. Don’t put yourself at risk for a lawsuit from a debt collector or collection agency; get help from an attorney today.

If you are already involved in litigation for credit card debt, you face unique challenges that a debt litigation attorney is trained to resolve. When you team up with an experienced attorney, you enjoy advantages unknown to filing for bankruptcy or negotiating without any professional experience. Be sure to discuss your debt with an attorney before accepting any offers from the collection agency handling your debt.

Attorneys at Benveniste Law Offices fight to get you the best settlement deal possible, while avoiding the hassle of litigation. At our law firm, we strongly believe that a settlement is the preferred method to resolve credit card debt in Wheaton. We are the non-bankruptcy attorneys of Illinois who fight to get you an improved credit score so you can move forward in life without debt holding you back.

Don’t let credit card debt keep you from pursuing a full quality of life. If you have unpaid debts preventing you from acquiring a loan for your next home, car, or other important purchase, an attorney like Heather Benveniste can help you work toward a quick resolution of the debt you owe, whether you owe it to the original creditor or a third party collection agency. Those who are in debt with a frozen bank account can also benefit from an attorney’s help in reclaiming the account. For a free legal consultation, call 1-800-497-5358 or contact Heather to discuss your debt. You won’t pay a dime until your debt is resolved!

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