Skokie Credit Card Debt Settlement Attorney

Skokie Debt Settlement AttorneyHaving credit has become a way of life. Credit is needed to make many necessary life purchases and not having it can limit you from gaining access to exclusive perks. Many people began receiving credit cards in the mail from the day they turned eighteen years old. Unaware of the magnitude of owning a credit card, some people started using them recklessly; before they knew it, they began receiving notices in the mail and calls from debt collectors.

Most individuals admit to ignoring such contact attempts as they rush to gather the finances necessary to mitigate the situation. As time passes, debt collectors are likely to become more impatient and pursue legal avenues of collecting the amount owed. What started off as an annoying phone call has transformed into a court summons that requires an immediate response. Realizing that you are in legal trouble as a result of your debt issues can be overwhelming. Trust a Skokie credit card debt settlement attorney to serve as your legal counsel throughout the entirety of the case.

Illinois Debt Settlement Options

Becoming involved in legal trouble is the last thing on the mind of any individual, but it occurs so often because people often pursue the wrong course of action. Rather than contact an experienced attorney, debtors often try to settle their debt on their own. This includes redirecting funds to paying off debts and avoiding the use of credit cards altogether. As efficient as this may seem, it could be to no avail if you are unable to make payments that greatly exceed the minimum amount due.

Another common course of action for the afflicted is to look into credit counseling. The issue with many of these services is that they can be costly, and they focus on restructuring your finances as a whole rather than settling your debt. Most importantly, the representatives are often unable to provide any legal services and refer individuals to pursue debt consolidation, a highly inefficient mean of managing debt.

How a Skokie Credit Card Debt Settlement Attorney Can Help

The first step in settling debt issues is to be honest with oneself and take action; however, taking the wrong action can be costly and further bury you in debt. Rather than run the risk of ending up on the wrong side of the law, get in touch with a Skokie credit card debt settlement attorney who can make you aware of your legal options.

Heather Benveniste with Benveniste Law Offices is that attorney. With seven years of experience as a debt collection attorney, she has unique knowledge of how the other side operates. She now uses her insight to negotiate debt settlement terms with creditors that are most beneficial to her clients. Contact us today at 1-800-497-5358 for a free case evaluation. You don’t pay a penny until we win for you!

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