Relief for Credit Card Debt

Millions of Americans are in debt today for a myriad of reasons; in fact, the average household with debt owes over $130,000! Credit card debt plays a large role in the financial burden of millions of consumers. Despite an improving economy, personal debt remains high, with an average of nearly $16,000 in credit cards alone. If you are hoping to secure a better financial future, you can resolve your debt burden through the help of an Illinois debt settlement attorney.

Debt Settlement in Illinois

At Benveniste Law Offices, we work closely alongside individuals like you who are coming to terms with their debt. If you are getting collection calls from a debt collector or a debt collection company, you may risk being sued over your debt. If you are already facing litigation, it’s important to contact a credit card debt defense attorney to help you work out a settlement.

When you work with a knowledgeable attorney, you enjoy several advantages over filing for bankruptcy or attempting to negotiate on your own. Attorneys at Benveniste Law Offices work hard to ensure that your debt can be resolved through a fair settlement deal. We are the non-bankruptcy attorneys in Illinois who aim to help you get back on track with your credit history, and your life.

Illinois Debt Relief

Why do I need Debt Relief Lawyer in Illinois?

If you are looking to make a big purchase, such as a home or car, you could benefit from working with a debt relief lawyer who will quickly negotiate the amount that you owe to either the original creditor or the collection agency. You may also be looking to unfreeze your bank account or have a charge off removed in order to receive a loan. This is all possible with the help of a debt collection lawyer. In our years of experience, clients usually receive a much better settlement when they partner with a legal professional than when they attempt to negotiate on their own.

After your bills are left unpaid, your original creditor may hire a third party to try and collect on your debt in a last attempt to recover their losses, or they may sell your debt for pennies on the dollar to a third party collection agency. Either of these entities may place several calls to your cell phone or residence to attempt to get you to pay up. At times, they may even resort to threats or other types of illegal practices.

You do not have to put up with the nightmare of debt collection tactics. You can work with an experienced credit card debt defense attorney like Heather Benveniste to work out a deal that fits your budget. Don’t ignore your bills, but don’t resort to bankruptcy! Through our services, it may be possible to repair your credit score and get you back on track. Call (847) 559-1610 for a free legal consultation today. You don’t have to pay us a dime until we resolve your debt case!