Geneva Credit Card Debt Settlement Attorney

Geneva Debt Settlement attorneyThe last thing anyone wants to deal with is a debt collection call from a creditor. Many people receive these calls daily and ignore them, but this may not be in your best interest. Creditors will only allow 180 days to pass before charging off your account. Once this occurs, they have the option to continue pursuing debt internally, hire a debt collection company to work for them, or sell your debt to a third-party collection agency.

It could be hard to grasp how your debt issues have come to this point. What started off as one missed payment has quickly turned into creditors seeking legal action. If they get a favorable judgment, they can freeze your bank accounts and garnish your wages, making affording everyday expenses nearly impossible. Stop creditors in their tracks when you acquire a Geneva credit card debt settlement attorney.

Debt Settlement Options

Upon realizing the scope of their debt issues, most people will do what they can to pay off what they owe without legal help. By redirecting funds, cutting back on spending, and even skipping other payments, debtors try all they can to settle their debt independently; oftentimes, it’s already too late. Ignoring other bills to make credit card payments will only guarantee that you will continue to be in debt for some time to come.

The next debt settlement option is debt consolidation. This can be most appropriate for those who have multiple sources of consumer debt and are in need of a way to better manage their various accounts. Debt consolidation compiles all consumer debt accounts into one large monthly payment but can be a strenuous process and even result in higher interest rates.

How a Geneva Credit Card Debt Settlement Attorney Can Help

Rather than allow your debt issues to persist and even worsen, get in touch with a Geneva credit card debt settlement attorney. If you continue to make minimum payments, interest piles on and steadily increases your total repayment amount. Ignoring your debt is also counterproductive as you allow creditors to obtain a legal judgment against you without a fight.

Heather Benveniste with Benveniste Law Offices is a highly qualified credit card debt settlement attorney with experience on both sides of the law. She worked seven years as a debt collection attorney and now uses that knowledge to the benefit of her clients. Don’t allow your consumer debt to stop you from buying a home or car. Contact us today at 1-800-497-5358 for a free consultation. You don’t owe us a dime until we collect for you!

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