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Des Plaines Debt ReliefBeing buried in credit card debt can be the most harrowing experience. You feel as if all of your effort is to no avail. You are doing your best to make the monthly payments, but the money just isn’t there. Even when you make the minimum payments, it may still feel as if you aren’t getting any closer to your goal of being debt free as the interest continues to accrue. You are not alone. Millions of Americans are currently suffering from credit card debt.

When you chose to open a credit card, getting in credit card debt was the last of your intentions. Now, it may feel like the calls are never-ending. You may even be receiving illegal threats from predatory debt collectors hoping to collect a payment. It is not necessary to endure this type of behavior. Though you may feel as if you are alone in managing your debt, that is not the case. The non-bankruptcy attorneys of Illinois can negotiate with creditors to help you resolve debt under the most favorable terms.

Options in Credit Card Debt Relief

Many individuals attempt to attack their credit card debt head-on using various methods. One of the most common of which is to simply pay it off. In many occasions, this does very little to help. Unless you are making maximum payments, it is unlikely that you will be able to resolve your credit card debt in a timely manner. You can be making bare minimum payments for a decade before you ever see any positive changes in your credit score.

Another popular option is to have your debt consolidated. Many Americans are going with the option of compiling all of their debt into one large lump sum in an attempt to manage their debt. This still requires monthly payments and does not lower your payment amount the slightest.

How a Des Plaines Debt Settlement Attorney Can Help

If you have fallen behind on your bills, have debt that is in collections, or are being sued by a debt collector, it is time you seek legal assistance. Ignoring the emails and phone calls does nothing but aggravate the situation and bury you deeper in debt. Credit card debt relief is just a phone call away.

Get in touch with an Illinois debt settlement attorney when you contact Benveniste Law Offices. Attorney Heather Benveniste can negotiate your debt so that you can afford to pay it off. If your debt is preventing you from purchasing a home or acquiring a loan, give us a call! Our experienced attorneys will not request a penny from you until your debt is resolved. Contact us at 1-800-497-5358 for a free consultation and take the first step toward a debt-free life.

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