Credit Card Debt in Cicero

Cicero_Debt_ReliefCredit card debt is an issue that affects the lives of millions of Americans daily and can be seemingly insurmountable. All it takes is one delinquent payment for your credit card debt to become serious. You may have planned to make the ensuing payments, but it becomes more difficult than you imagined. Daily expenses still need to be afforded as you struggle to even make minimum payments.

No one opens a credit card account with the intentions of getting into debt issue. You may have done so instead as an emergency option or only to use it for casual spending. Now you may be receiving harassing calls at work, threatening you to pay the amount owed plus interest. You should not be subjected to such predatory debt collection tactics. As a debtor, you have rights that deserve protection. A Cicero credit card debt settlement attorney can negotiate with creditors to help resolve your debt under the most favorable terms.

Options in Debt Settlement

The initial action for many individuals made aware of delinquent debt is to pay it off. There is nothing wrong with this approach if you have the funds necessary to make at least double the required payments or pay it in full. If that is not the case and you can only manage to make the minimum payments, you can expect to be making those payments for a long while as interest continues to accrue.

Another option is debt consolidation. This is the action of having all of your debt from various entities compiled into one large monthly payment. This may make your debt easier to manage, but it can also increase your monthly payments.

How a Cicero Debt Settlement Attorney Can Help

If you have fallen behind on your bills, have debt that is in collections, or are being sued by collectors, it is time you seek legal assistance. Your debt will not go away until you take action. Ignoring notices will only leave you deeper in debt can even lead to your bank account being frozen.

Legal counsel from an Illinois debt settlement attorney at Benveniste Law Offices is just a phone call away. Attorney Heather Benveniste has experience handling credit card debt cases and will relentlessly seek a resolution to your debt issues. At Benveniste Law Offices, we also defend those who are sued by creditors and lenders. Are you looking to buy a home or acquire a loan, but your credit card debt won’t allow it? Give us a call today! We will not request a penny until your debt is resolved. Contact us at 1-800-497-5358 for a free consultation.

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